3techagency Plan to help your business website succeed .

At 3techagency Kenya we aim at helping your business grow hassle free.

Our plan to a successful website

The website’s core message

  • Value Proposition:This is about about what value you provide to your customer.
  • Sales Propositions: This is where you can demonstrate an understanding of the key challenges your audience face, and provide insights into the solutions you can provide
  • See our website for more details and example.

Website Appearance

Website UX/Navigation

  • Page speed — the quicker the better.
  • Contact us (phone, email, live chat/messenger) — think about how and when people may want to get in touch and give them options for any time of day.
  • Seamless checkout / enquiry process — where are the drop out points in your path to purchase and what is the cause? Using Google Analytics to find the answer to these questions can help uncover obstacles or issues that you may have otherwise been unaware of, such as issues with the website setup/structure, an over-complicated checkout process, or shipping cost.
  • Calls To Action (CTA) — Each page should deliberately lead the user to the next phase in the customer journey. Think about what action you want the user to take after visiting each page of your website, and ensure the CTA features throughout and again at the end of the page in a simple and clear format. See our example

Website Analytics

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