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2 min readApr 17, 2021

I’m always late to post my content & keeping up with the engagements — says Wangechi

For the last few years SaaS (Software As A Service) products have been penetrating Kenya, coming to realize the hype in the market has not been a top tier as it seems. With marketing agencies running up & down to fetch SME’s yearning for growth on the socials, their delivery model has been as odd as we forgot about the Posta Kenya.

We came through after a few years of research on the low, a new model for new businesses is finally here.

Forget the days when social media marketers would as for your social account password to monitor your engagement rate & run ads.

Introducing our all-in-one social marketing platform a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) model cost effective, accurate data & transparent analytics, time to nudge daily calls & emails from your “marketing guy”

-Long story cut short here’s the deal:

Introducing Social Marketing by 3techagency

Navigating the world of social media can often feel like challenging and extensive work. Posting to a variety of networks takes time and effort that you could be spending growing your business.

Now it’s much easier

Stay in touch with Social Marketing

Schedule content for all of your networks at once, generate new leads, and interact with your existing client-base — all within the same innovative social media tool.


Social reporting & analytics Find out how your business is performing with post breakdown, audience reporting, and KPIs that identify the success of your social media strategy.

Content library Easily find content for your followers using the built in library. This is constantly updated with new articles and material for you to share with your social audience.

Video and image support Be your best social media self with image and video capability.

Pixabay integration Social Marketing features royalty-free image searches, allowing you to find images without the hassle.

Enough said want to learn more & take your business social engagement rate to the next level?

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